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Andie with her daughterMeet my family.


My husband and I live in the DC suburbs with our two elementary aged children, who love sports and art and acting and music and above all, playing with small toys all over the house.  Plus our two dogs, who also like to play with their toys all over the house.


Please be kind.

I’m going to make stupid grammatical mistakes, and rush editing errors.  Please be kind.

I’m going to share mistakes I’ve made.  I’ll also explore new ideas, and sometimes I’ll even (gasp!) change my mind.  Please be kind.

I hope someday others will feel inspired to share their own stories on this blog, even if just in the comments.  They are being vulnerable, too.  Please be kind.


Thank you for joining me.


  • Hattie - Andie, I am into minimalism, too. Josh Becker has inspired me. I just now came across your blog. I am always looking for inspiration. I live is a comparatively small house. Have been into minimalism almost two years. I love having less. But surprising, the more I get rid of, the more I find that I can part with. I am 7l. Had been a widow for 6 years. Then last year I remarried. Married a dear, sweet man several years older who had been a pack rat all his life! I helped him part with a lot. But I am still working on downsizing. At the moment, I am about to see which books I can part with. This has been a weakness, but am gradually getting rid of the ones I do not really love. Wish me luck! Have put your blog on my favorites bar.ReplyCancel

    • Andie - Hi Hattie, I’m honored to have a space on your favorites bar! Congratulations on your new marriage. Sounds like you two have found a way to work through his stuff without affecting your relationship — way to go! And yes, it’s amazing how much easier decluttering gets. I’ve got to give some more consideration to what exactly is going on with that.

      And yes, Joshua Becker is awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Dallas - Just discovered your blog through Be More With Less, and I just wanted to say I am feeling so inspired by you — your honesty, your heart, your path to simplicity! I thought your post about birthdays was especially insightful. From one aspiring minimalist to another, thank you for sharing your journey!ReplyCancel

    • Andie - Hi Dallas, thank you so much! Good luck on your own journey!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - Great idea!ReplyCancel

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