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As someone who derives a great deal of inspiration from reading and listening to others’ experiences with decluttering, I share some of the resources I’ve particularly appreciated.  There’s overlap – some people have written books, blogs, AND podcasts (I bow down to their productivity).  But hopefully you’ll find some great resources for you below.

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BOOKS (paper, Kindle, or audio….)


Dane M. White of “A Slob Comes Clean” blog and podcast fame has aggregated her 6+ years of awesome advice into this quick-to-read book, How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind.  Dana keeps her sense of humor from her blog, she reads the audiobook herself (highly recommend!).  I’ve followed both her blog and her podcast for years, and still enjoyed listening to this book.  The information is not new, but it’s well organized and edited, and a great way to recap everything you “know” you should do, but sometimes don’t remember to do…. 😉

Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is one of the most influential books about decluttering, um, probably ever.  I found it poorly edited but full of incredible, completely paradigm-shifting ideas about decluttering and “tidying.”  While I haven’t managed to actually follow her system from start to finish, I still highly, highly, highly recommend this book in either paper or Kindle form (I’ve also listened to it, as I like to listen to things while I tidy, but honestly I did not enjoy listening to the reader.)

Additional note: I have mixed feelings about the additional value added by her subsequent book, “Spark Joy.”  I’ve listened to it for the same reason I listen to the first book, and I know it’s resolved confusion for many others, but for me, since I’d read so much about the KonMari Method after reading the first book, Spark Joy added very little new information.

Dana Rayburn is an ADHD specialist and coach, and her book, Organized for Life!, was inspiration for me with her observations about the importance of defining when a task is done.  Her book is filled with practical advice about creating systems that work throughout your home and schedule.  Highly recommend.


Melissa Michaels blogs at The Inspired Room, and this book is a light, encouraging read.  Essentially permission to fall in love with the home you have, to make changes slowly, to be sure they really reflect who you are.  As the back of the book says, “You can love your home….Sure, it has some shortcomings, but it also has a lot going for it — it’s where your life, relationships, and dreams are being shaped.”  I should note — I didn’t realize when I bought this that there was a religious (Christian) background to the book, but it’s not at all a central focus of the book.




Apartment Therapy occasionally has great articles on point.  A couple recent articles I liked:

I Can’t Keep My House Clean. What’s Wrong With Me?
Stop Trying to Change Your Habits. Change Your Habitat Instead!

Slow Your Home blog and podcast, by Brook McAlary (Australia).  Focused on simplifying life, including decluttering.


Annual Declutter Challenge, associated with Brook McAlary’s Slow Your Home blog (and podcast), as mentioned above.  Very supportive groups with many different goals and styles.

KonMari Method: Life- Changing Magic: a great general group about following the Marie Kondo method of tidying.  This is not a general interest decluttering group, but specifically about the KM Method.

KonMari Straight-Up: this is the group if you’ve discovered the KM Method of tidying, and want support from others who are also interested in following the method exactly as Marie Kondo laid out in her books.

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